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Have you dropped your phone accidentally? Is your phone in need of immediate repair? Then you are in the right place. We repair all Cellular phones and tablets. Our skilled technicians can repair your device on site, within 30 minutes to 1 hour . We understand that your cell phone is one of the most cherished possessions you own, which is why we warranty our repair service for a full 30 days.

Sometimes you can live with a damaged phone but if your LCD is broken the phone is basically useless . Thankfully, we ensure that your phone’s LCD is replaced quickly, looking as good as new. Another part is the charging port. It is not uncommon for the charging port to wear out after years of operation. We use Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM parts to replace your broken charging port in minutes.

If your device’s  touchscreen, camera, power button or any other part stops working.  Don’t worry, we handle all Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG and Apple repairs.  We charge a $10-$20 diagnostic fee which goes towards the cost of your repair.